Cedar Rapids mosque, July 16, 1936. Courtesy of Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids

Dearborn Mosque, 1944. Courtesy of Islamic Center of Greater Toledo (icgt.org)

Young members of the community, 1952. Courtesy of Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids

Youth class, Toledo 1965. Courtesy of Islamic Center of Greater Toledo (icgt.org)


The presence of Muslims in America is older than the country itself. Islam is intertwined in the foundation of America and Muslims have served in every facet of its history. As the wave of immigrants entering Ellis Island peaked at the turn of the 20th century with it came Muslims from every corner of the globe seeking safety, opportunity and the lucent American Dream. They brought with them their language, their food, their culture and their religion and they joined the diverse array of Muslims already living here. 

These early American-Muslim communities were small but close-knit. They gathered for Friday prayers in make-shift mosques - a living room, the basement of a church or above a congregant's grocery store. Quran recitation preceded potluck dinners. Card games were played and recipes were swapped, all while the laughter of the youth echoed in the background. Communal unity was nurtured and cultivated decades before buildings were constructed and mosques established. 

Through hard work and humility came success. Yet, it was their embrace of American values and retention of their faith that brought them lasting prosperity. Their legacy is the inspiration behind Muslim Space.



Muslim Space, a non-profit, is a Muslim community organization that fosters an open, inclusive, multicultural, and pluralistic space for self-identifying Muslims and the larger Austin community.  It is founded on the Islamic principles of service to humanity and equal, respectful, tolerant, and egalitarian treatment of all human beings. Muslim Space provides programs, projects, and initiatives that cultivate and nurture an autonomous, diverse American-Muslim identity; provide opportunities for Islamic enrichment, personal growth and advancement, social and charitable services; promote intra-faith, inter-faith, and cultural education and dialogue, and develop bridges between Muslims and across the larger Austin community.


our vision

An open, inclusive, multicultural, and pluralistic space for self-identifying American Muslims and the larger Austin community to congregate and thrive in unity and respect that emulates the community of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as it was during his lifetime.


our team

Muslim Space's Board of Directors and Oversight Committee are comprised of individuals with diverse personal and professional backgrounds. In order to best serve the community, these decision-making teams strive to reflect the diverse array of voices within the community. 

Our Scholar Advisory Board is made up of a wide-ranging collection of Islamic Scholars who represent multiple theological viewpoints. The purpose of the Scholar Advisory Board is to be both a guide for the community and to support its members throughout their exploration of faith. 


2019 Board of Directors

  • Muna Hussaini - President

  • Ayesha Mukaddam - Vice President

  • Sana Hussaini - Secretary

  • Fawzia Khawaja - Treasurer

  • Malikah Gill - Member

  • Shabana Stationwala - Member

  • Ramish Nadeem - Member

  • Ryan Goertz - Member

  • Sherry Mubasher - Member

  • Shadia Igram - Executive Director (non-voting member)


2019 Oversight COmmittee

  • Amanda Quraishi - Chairperson

  • Aaron Gill - Vice Chair

  • Zainib Ahmad - Member

  • Omar Akhtar - Member


Scholar ADvisory Board

Coming soon, God willing