code of conduct


Those who attend all gatherings and functions sponsored or hosted by muslim space will be expected to oblige to our Code of Conduct. 

  • All are welcomed - We are a welcoming & inclusive community. Expect a warm welcome, regardless of who you are or where life has led you!
  • We each have our ways - Everyone here is working towards self-improvement and personal growth - in their own way. This is to be respected and honored by all. 
  • Be mindful - Strive to be aware and attentive to the present. Rather than focusing on preconceived notions, approach each moment with an open heart and mind. 
  • Children will be children - Children are always welcome. We entrust parents to be conscious of their children and ask others to be accommodating a child's needs and actions.   
  • What to wear - Modesty and cleanliness have long been respected (and often demanded) by Islamic institutions. There is no required dress code and we ask everyone to see others by the content of their character, not their appearance. 
  • Leave your mark - Every resource is blessing from God so please aim to leave a place better than how you found it. 

"Our deepest strengths are not when we are apart but only when we come together in ways we uniquely can." - Khalid Latif