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Food pantry at reagan high school

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Too many children in our community struggle each day not having enough food to eat. Many schools offer breakfast and lunch options but often time the dinner table is scarce or empty. 

Muslim Space has set a goal of providing 25 meals a month to help maintain and stock the food pantry at Reagan High School, an AISD Title 1 school. Each meal feeds a family of 4 and costs around $9. 

little free libraries

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Two-thirds of low-income families have no children's books at all in their homes. These kids often don't have access to any reading material once school is out for the summer, causing a cumulative, significant reading achievement gap that compromises students' learning potential and ability to succeed. And it robs them of the joy of reading! 

One way to help remedy this disparity is to provide kids with easy access to books year-round. This where Little Free Libraries come in. These little wooden boxes on stands serve as neighborhood book exchanges, where kids can borrow and return books at any time. 

Muslim Space volunteers constructed and installed 4 Little Free Libraries as in underserved areas of Austin. Your contribution will help in maintaining an inventory of books in each of these Little Libraries. 

back to school supply drive

Alhumdulilah this year’s project was a great success! We sent 45 students back to school with fresh supplies.

Let's get the school year off right! Muslim Space has partnered with MCSS to provide back to school supplies to refugee and low-income students in our community. Your support will help provide a new and fully stocked backpack to these kids, many of whom are still adjusting to their new environment. 

The cost of each bag is $45 and any contribution is helpful.