Is Muslim Space a mosque?

Currently Muslim Space is a community of self-identifying American Muslims, and those interested in Islam, who wish to come together to grow and learn. Our focus is the cultivation of this community over the focus on the creation of a physical structure.

Does Muslim Space have it’s own building?

Not at the moment. We are envisioning a growth plan. Phase one is the cultivation of a community of people seeking an environment that reflects their shared values. We will be meeting in various shared spaces across the faith spectrum. This will allow us to build bridges and develop relationships with many communities and groups throughout the Austin area.

Is Muslim Space only for women?

No. Muslim Space welcomes and invites all self-identifying American Muslims, and those interested in Islam, to attend our programs, activities and gatherings. We strive to provide equal access to all members regardless of gender, age, marital status, gender/sexuality identity, sect, school of thought affiliation, etc.

Does Muslim Space have an Imam?

Muslim Space has a Scholar Advisory Board made up of a diverse collection of Islamic Scholars from around the world who represent multiple theological viewpoints.


I don’t really consider myself a practicing Muslim, can I still attend events?

Yes! There is no baseline level of ‘Muslimness’ one must achieve in order to be a part of Muslim Space.

I come from a mixed-faith/no-faith family. Can my non-Muslim family members and friends attend events?

Absolutely! Respect towards each individual’s personal faith choice is a vital component of Muslim Space’s Code of Conduct.

How does Muslim Space fund itself?

We are 501(c)3 non-profit and our main sources of revenue individual donations and creative revenue generating efforts.

I have an idea, how can I get involved?

Awesome! The success of Muslim Space depends on active member participation. Visit our GET INVOLVED page for more information on joining the Muslim Space team or how to turn your great idea, suggestion or initiative into a reality.