Taraweh imam Application form

The ideal candidate aligns with our values and can be a leader for our congregation during Ramadan 2019.  Do you feel you fit this bill? Do you identify as an American Muslim? Are you open to leading prayers in jamaa’, without a barrier between men and women, that is inclusive of anyone who identifies as a Muslim?  Then accept our challenge and come down to Austin for Ramadan during 2019!


  • Hafiz of Quran would be ideal, but is not required

    • You will need to demonstrate a strong command of tajweed and qirah

  • Strong and deep knowledge of Quran and Sunnah that can be translated through khutbahs, qiyam, motivational talks

  • Ability to interact with and relate to American youth

  • Ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds

  • A sense of humor and ability to have fun

  • Open to learning

Responsibilities include:

  • Moving to Austin, TX for the duration of Ramadan and Eid

    You do know Austin is one of the best places to live

  • Leading taraweh every night

  • The following is TBD as we do not have our own space but are sharing a space with another congregation

    1. Leading all  5 daily prayers

    2. Any sessions for children or specific segments

    3. any lectures to be given:

      1. post fajr

      2. post witr

      3. Qiyam during the last 10 days

  • Lead Jummah for all Fridays

  • Possibly lead Eid prayer

  • Represent Muslim Space at community events

  • Feel free to propose things you would like to do

Benefits Included from Wednesday, May 1 through Sunday, June 9 - 2019

  • Round trip ticket to/from Austin

  • Reasonable and private accommodations

  • Transportation will be provided → assuming you have a valid driver’s license, we will cover the cost of a standard rental car

  • $5000 salary for this duration

Please complete the form below

Name *
Address *
This is where we will review your resume. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile then please email your resemue to info@muslimspace.org
In your own words, tell us why we should hire you. How are you a cultural and knowledgeable fit for Muslim Space? Share a 1-2 minute video. Feel free to show personality and leadership. Make us like you. (Upload your video to Youtube and share a private link)
Post 3 links to lectures and/or khutbas that you have given in English. Select sessions that clearly show your engagement with the audience, your level of Islamic knowledge, and how you will be a cultural fit to Muslim Space. Feel free to show personality and leadership. Make us like you. (Links can be private Youtube links, your personal site, or from any organization’s website.)
Post the link to 1 video that will show your proficiency with Quran recitation. The recording must be at least 10 minutes. Share more links to show different styles. Bonus points if you make us cry.
3 Letter of Recommendation *
Email us 3 letters of recommendation. The letters should be written by someone who knows you well and can vouch for your character, leadership, knowledge, relevant experience, and your personality. The letters should explain how the author knows you and for how long, how they have engaged with you, and why they recommend you for being Imam for Muslim Space during Ramadhan 2019. This is an opportunity for you to shine, especially if you don’t have a long resume to stand behind you. The letters should be sent directly from the author to info@muslimspace.org by Feb 28, 2019.