Our Story

It started with small conversations during play dates and coffee breaks. We'd watch our kids playing gleefully in the background and wonder out loud, "Will they grow up proud to be Muslim?". We'd swap stories of our own experiences in various mosques and communities - what we loved, what we didn't and what we wish we had

Soon we noticed that the void we were feeling wasn't limited to those of us who are parents but that it was a longing shared by many in the community. By young professionals and retirees alike. By those new to Islam and those who are seasoned community members. We all seemed to be searching for the same thing, a spiritual community who had, at its core, a harmonious balance of American values and Islamic beliefs. 

We then picked up on the buzz of independent activity happening outside the traditional Islamic setting. Pop-up Quran studies and interfaith social clubs. City wide charity drives and new Muslim support groups. The community was already present, what was needed was a path to unity. And so began our task.

Muslim Space came out of the passionate belief that our sum is greater than our parts. That if we came together bringing all of our skills and zeal, our flaws and frustrations, we can grow as one. We can cultivate an environment of pride and strength in our identity. Build a cooperative under the tenets of compassion, support and mindfulness. And provide a spiritual home for those who seek it. God willing.

We welcome you to Muslim Space, where there is always a place for you.


Your founding team,

Fawzia, Shadia, Zainib, Shabana, Malikah, Uzma, Ayesha, Muna & Sana

(and our families)