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Recently, exciting new feminist research has been challenging gender discrimination and male authority from within Islamic legal tradition: this book presents some important results from that research. The contributors all engage critically with two central juristic concepts; rooted in the Qur'an, they lie at the basis of this discrimination. One refers to a husband's authority over his wife, his financial responsibility toward her, and his superior status and rights. The other is male family members' right and duty of guardianship over female members (e.g., fathers over daughters when entering into marriage contracts) and the privileging of fathers over mothers in guardianship rights over their children.

The contributors are scholars from different disciplines and backgrounds, brought together by Musawah (Arabic for "equality"), a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family.

Here are the details:

  • We will read "Men In Charge? Rethinking Authority In Muslim Legal Tradition" (a collection of essays by multiple authors)

  • The reading will be divided into 10 sections with one section being discussed per gathering.

  • The program will run until late April but because this is a book of essays, missing a session won't necessarily break the continuity.

  • Welcoming women and men to participate

  • Kids encouraged to tag along (*light* childcare provided)

  • We'll gather in a cozy setting with snacks and caffeine

  • This event is free (aside from the book purchase) but registration is required.

Want to join the Club? Follow these steps:

  1. Register on Eventbrite

  2. Purchase the book (here's the link)

  3. Be sure to include your best contact email when you register. Reading plan and location will be sent directly to you. 

  4. Mark your calendar for the following Sundays: Oct. 28th, Nov. 11th, Dec. 16th, Jan. 13th, Jan. 27th, Feb. 24th, Mar. 10th, Mar. 31st, Apr. 21st, May 5th