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Dear Muslims of Austin, Texas!

The Muslim Space has a needs-assessment survey for members of the local community. Please take a couple moments today to share your experiences and requests for accommodations at worship and community events. And please share far and wide. We'd love to hear from as many people as possible.

*Note: special needs can be defined as any physical, social, emotional or psychological needs that should be accommodated in order someone to be fully present and participate at an event.


muslim space is...

Muslim Space is a community organization serving the greater Austin area. We strive to provide an open and welcoming environment to all self-identifying Muslims, as well as those connected to or interested in Islam, who wish to gather, unite and support one another. 

Our values are rooted in both our American and Islamic identities and are woven into the events we put forth. Equality, respect, generosity, love, autonomy, compassion for each and everyone. Muslim Space is non-denominational and non-sectarian yet inviting to all and believe that diversity makes us a stronger community. 

Muslim Space provides three tracks of programing and services: faith-based, service-based, and social-based. We aim to create a sense of fluidity and belongingness for each member, that their personal interests and involvements are reflected in the activities of Muslim Space. 

Please take a look around, make yourself comfortable and explore what we have to offer. Your involvement is key to our growth and success, we look forward to seeing you soon, God willing (inshAllah).