Building bridges

School LIbrary book drive

March 19 - April 4, 2018

Alhumdulilah this year's project was a great success! We delivered over 100 book bundles to 7 ISD's in the Austin area.

April 4 is National School Librarian Day and April 11 is National Library Day. Last year we delivered Ramadan-Themed book bundles to elementary schools in the Austin area as a way to not only enhance an understanding of Islam and Muslims, but also to normalize the presence of Muslim narratives in our school libraries. This year we want to expand to middle and high schools with age-appropriate books  and include a book related to racial justice and equality.

Middle Schools: "Amina's Voice" by Hena Khan & "I Am Malala" by Malala Yousafzai

High Schools: "No God But God" by Reza Aslan & "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas

Each book bundle costs $20 and we plan on delivering a total of 112 bundles to local schools. 

You can sponsor a bundle by donating here. If you'd like to help distribute the book bundles please contact us here.

National Police Week

Coming soon!

Sponsor a bundle today

"Some stereotypes are too delicious to dispel. Others, not so much."

In honor of National Law Enforcement Day, Muslim Space will be delivering donut bundles to law enforcement offices in the Austin area. Each bundle will also contain a copy of the UPF produced short film "American Muslims: Fact vs. Fiction". We at Muslim Space believe that the sharing of information and knowledge is the best way to eliminate stereotypes and enhance cultural understanding. These DVD's were designed to dispel negative stereotypes of Muslims and the perceived threat of Islam in the West.

Each bundle will cost $25 and we are hoping to deliver a total of 30 bundles.

You can sponsor a bundle and schedule a time and location to deliver to. For more info contact us here.